His Art Sends a Clear Message:
Don't Let Go of Lifetime Dream
Haley Edwards, Seattle Times - 2007

Brom Wikstrom, one of the newest members appointed this month to the Washington State Arts Commission, knew all his life he'd be an artist.
He spent hours as a kid watching his father, a local art director

Part I
New Orleans, Charity Hospital
It sounded as if someone were saying “Keep on Truckin” and kept saying it over and over. “Keep on Truckin”.
Ballard High School Collection
Before the Floods, Memories of a Beach House
Brom Wikstrom - Jan. 18, 2006

Growing up on Magnolia, I was offered abundant opportunities to explore my immediate surroundings.

Rotary International Keynote Speech
A Life In Art
Brom Wikstrom - June 2, 2013

I must confess that I have been relatively ignorant of Rotary

International beyond a general knowledge that it is a service organization made up of business and community leaders

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