His Art Sends a Clear Message:
Don't Let Go of Lifetime Dream
Haley Edwards, Seattle Times - 2007

Brom Wikstrom, one of the newest members appointed this month to the Washington State Arts Commission, knew all his life he'd be an artist.
He spent hours as a kid watching his father, a local art director +

Part I
New Orleans, Charity Hospital
It sounded as if someone were saying “Keep on Truckin” and kept saying it over and over. “Keep on Truckin”. +
Ballard High School Collection
Before the Floods, Memories of a Beach House
Brom Wikstrom - Jan. 18, 2006

Growing up on Magnolia, I was offered abundant opportunities to explore my immediate surroundings. +

Rotary International Keynote Speech
A Life In Art

It’s an honor to be with you this

morning and I thank you for the opportunity to share some of the experiences that have led me to be here in support of your dynamic organization. +

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