2018 Puget Sound Group Gallery, Seattle (Ongoing exhibitions)
2017 GEOMAGIC: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection
2016 Exhibition at Museum of Special Art
2015 Fellowship to Vermont Studio Center
2014 Journey to Greece
2014 The Art of Mouth, By Melissa Stewart
2014 Washington State Bar Assoc., Seattle Skyline
2013 Accessible Home Sits High Over Seattle, Rebecca Teagarden, Seattle Times -
2012 Rotary International Keynote Speech
2011 The Mural Project, Jeff Bond, Magnolia News
2011 VSA arts, Washington DC, We the People
2010 Pepsi Corporation, Times Square
2010 Art and Music Therapy in Rehab and Beyond
2009 Milan, Lugano, Verona, Pisa, Lucca and Florence
2009 Coca Cola Corporation Magnolia Market
2008 A Bavarian Odyssey
2007 His Art Sends a Clear Message: Don't Let Go of Lifetime Dream, Haley Edwards, Seattle Times
2007 A Charmed Corner, Valerie Easton, Seattle Times
2007 Drawing New Conclusions, Nancy Sopkowiak, Access Press
2007 Journey to Vienna / Budapest
2006 Disabled Artists Paint Art Using Their Mouths Instead of Their Hands, ITN Source
2006 Journey to Italy; Rome, Florence, Venice
2006 Before the Floods, Memories of a Beach House, Brom Wikstrom, Magnolia News
2006 Painting: The Carousel
2005 Museum of Fine Art, El Paso, TX, On the Bayou
2005 Journey to China; Shanghai, Xian, Beijing
2004 Journey to Taiwan
2004 A limit, not an end, Julie McCormick, Sun Staff
2003 Meet former Vice President Al Gore
2003 Robert Wikstrom Turned Art Into Business, Tan Vinh, Seattle Times
2002 Providence Hospital, Geo Duo
2001 Microsoft Corporation, Passages
2001 Meet J. P. Patches
1999 The Journey To Here, Alexandra Rabins, VSAarts
1999 Meet Pat Boone in Los Angeles
1998 Machu Picchu, A Look Back, Brom Wikstrom, Traveling Boy Report
1997 Seattle Center, Ceramic Tile
1995 Meet Taiwan President Lee Teng Hui in Taipei to receive the "Torchlight Award"
1994 Artistic Passion Takes Disabled Artist to Royal Audience, Jerry Sitser, Ballard News Tribune
1994 Japanese Embassy, WA DC, Kabuki Vase
1994 University of Washington Hospital 1994, Four Hearts Beating As One
1992 Victors All, Monita Syll
1990 US Marine Corps, Toys for Tots Poster
1989 Meet Allen Toussaint
1989 Wikstrom's art earns trip to the White House, Magnolia News, Gary McDaniel
1987 Art Wins Out Over Handicap, Valley Daily News, Peggy Ziebarth
1987 Pictorial Architecture, Seattle Times, Regina Hackett
1987 Meet Senator Ted Kennedy at Princeton University
1986 Ballard High School, Views of Ballard
1985 Images of Seattle Exhibition, meet Kenneth Callahan
1985 Join The International Association of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists
1985 Figure Study to Kent Stowell & Francia Russell
1984 Washington DC., Meet Nancy Reagan
1984 Seattle Aquarium, Ti Chuck
1982 Nordic Heritage Museum, Still Life
1982 Paints without hands, not without love, Ballard News Tribune, John Lustig
1979 Washington DC, Meet Andy Warhol
1979 Very Special Arts Festival, Kennedy Center
1975 Journey to New Orleans, spinal cord injury
1975 Geoff Boggs New Orleans, Susie Kinkajou
1974 Journey to Dutch Harbor, AK
1973 Journey to Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival
1971 Journey to Southern Oregon
1970 Journey to Los Angeles, CA
1964 Journey to Ketchikan, AK