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CBS Sunday Morning

Lee Cowan, Dec. 15, 2019

His Art Sends a Clear Message:
Don't Let Go of Lifetime Dream
Haley Edwards, Seattle Times - 2007

Brom Wikstrom, one of the newest members appointed this month to the Washington State Arts Commission, knew all his life he'd be an artist.

New Day Northwest

Margaret Larson & Brom interviewed in Seattle in 2018.

Anacortes Art House

Curatorial Activities

Part I: New Orleans, Charity Hospital 1975

International Mouth & Foot Painting Artists


Before the Floods, Memories of a Beach House
Brom Wikstrom - Jan. 18, 2006

Salvador Dali
by Brom Wikstrom
Uploaded 2005
Brief interview profile
Uploaded on Sep 29, 2011
Ballard High School Collection
Wikstrom Receives International Award in Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, 1995

Self Portrait, Animation


Pictorial Architecture
Regina Hackett, Seattle Times - 1987
Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture
Staff Receptionist since 1984