Curated Exhibitions (selected):

Its in the Bag, featuring James Martin, Dec. 2012

3 Graces, featuring David Kane, June 2014

Animal Grafix, featuring Mike Spafford, Robert Wikstrom, John Moilanen, Fred Thomas, Phillip McKracken, Feb. 2015

Northwest Women, featuring Mary Henry, May Marshall, Blohmdahl, Sonja, Sept. 2015

Brom Residency at Vermont Center, Oct. 2016

Puget Sound Group Early Years, featuring Guy Anderson, Arne Jensen, Wm. A. Phillips, Mar. 2017

Seattle Scenes, Featuring Windsor Utley, Harry Bonath, Jacques Rupp, Lois Silver, Apr. 2017

Portraiture, featuring Ned Mueller, June 2017

PSG Member's Invitational, featuring Jack Fellows, July 2017

Marine Motifs, featuring Fred Marshall, Jacob Elshin, Henry Petterson, Aug. 2017

Northwest Sculpture, featuring Phillip Levine, Richard Beyer, Mar. 2018

Art Teachers, featuring Ambrose Patterson, Valentine Welman, Robert C. Jones, Paul Copeland, Everett DuPen, May 2018

Rhythms of Water, featuring Beth Betker Van Faasen, Jolyn Wells Moran, Karen Luke Fildes, Jun. July 2018

PSG 90th Anniversary, featuring Eustace Ziegler, Founder, Gus Swanberg, Aug. 2018

Small Works & Recent Acquisitions, featuring Neil Meitzler, Nov. 2018

Association of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Aug. 2007

William Wikstrom, 35 Year Retrospective, Oct. 2007

Black White & Grey, A Northwest Survey, featuring Jay Steensma, Wes Wehr, April 2008

Ralph Albert Blakelock & The Northwest Romantic Spirit, featuring Robert Wandesforde, Jacques Moiteret, May 2009

Elements of Abstraction featuring Ray Gerring, Francis Celantano, Wendell Brazeau & Philip Flash, Isabel Kahn, June 2009

Northwest Photography, featuring Mary Randlett, August 2009

Puget Sound Group, Benefit Exhibition, featuring John Ebner, Dec. 2009

Aspects of Asia, featuring Steve Hu, Richard Kirsten, Robert Matthiesen, April 2010

Joseph F. Reno, Retro – Intro, June 2010

Scenes of Seattle, Historic & Contemporary, featuring James Peck, Windsor Utley, Oct. 2010

American Illustration, Highlights From the Golden Age, featuring Irwin Caplan, Mar. 2011

The Head Show, featuring Leon Derbyshire, Janet Trueworthy, Aug. 2011

The Bus Shelter Mural Project, A Gift to Magnolia from Brom Wikstrom , Sept. 2011

It's a Small World, featuring John Ringen, Nov. 2011

Robert C. Wikstrom at 90, A Memorial Exhibition, Feb. 2012

Century 21 Revisited, & Paintings by Wm. & Brom Wikstrom, May 2012

In Praise of Beauty, Ken Duffin & Eugene Erickson, Nov. 2006

Painting En Plein Air, Greenlake and Beyond, featuring Norm Comp, Niles Kelley, Sept. 2006

Elu' WA (On Top of Life), Eze Anamelechi & Wm. Wikstrom, July 2006

Water, Water Everywhere, Marine Paintings of the Northwest, featuring Eustace Ziegler, Burt Dinius, May 2006

Landscapes - A Debut - Alicia Crowley, Apr. 2006

Painting the Northwest, Solo Exhibition by Gary Nelson, Mar. 2006

Arthead Alumni, Small Works Group Exhibition, featuring Wes Wehr, Jay Steensma, Feb. 2006

Inner Visions, New Abstractions by Ray Gerring, Dec. 2005

Representing the Figure, Phillip Levine / Lyle Silver, Manfred Lindenburger, Hal Sutherland, Oct. 2005

A Matter of Spirit, Brom Wikstrom & Mouth & Foot Artists, Aug. 2005

Decisive Drawings, William Wikstrom & Jacques Moitoret, July 2005

Pacific Currents, Native Arts and Tradition, featuring Helmi Juvenon, Edward Sheriff Curtis, May 2005

The Art of the Print, featuring Mark Tobey, Jacob Lawrence, March 2005

The Return of the Arthead Gallery, Painters of Puget Sound, Dec. 2004

Art in Adversity, International Exhibition for the Goodwill Games, July 1990

Patient Creations, Children's Hospital Residency, April 1978