Robert C. Jones


muixed medium 4x6 1968

After moving to Seattle in 1960 to teach at the University of Washington School of Art, Robert C. Jones established himself as one of the Northwest’s most prominent abstract painters. A superb colorist, Jones bases his compositions on the curves of the human form and simple geometries of the landscape, brushing and scraping layers of pigment to create complex, gestural, energized surfaces. Trained at the Rhode Island School of Design and in an intensive summer workshop with famed New York abstract expressionist Hans Hofmann (1880-1966), Jones remains true to Hofmann’s principles.

He doesn’t strive to reproduce the physical appearance of a person or landscape but its essence. Since Jones retired from the UW in 1995 he has been doing some of the most liberated, expansive work of his career. His exhibition history includes solo shows at Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, The Whatcom Museum (Bellingham), and the Hallie Ford Museum of Art (Willamette University, Salem, Oregon). In 2003 he was honored with a $25,000 award from the Flintridge Foundation, bestowed on West Coast artists "of highest merit." In the Seattle arts community, Jones and his wife, the painter Fay Jones (b. 1936), are admired not only for the excellence of their artwork, but for their generosity and goodwill to other artists. Sheila Farr Essay 10394