I owe a great debt to the Kennedy clan. Through the far-sighted initiative of Ambassador Jean K. Smith, my association with the group she founded, VSA arts, has enriched my life in many, many ways. Ted Kennedy Jr. received a painting of mine as his first Father's Day gift from William K. Smith who bought it from me during a trip to Washington D.C. I was interviewed by Kara Kennedy at the 1994 Festival in Brussels.

1979 National Festival

1989 International VSA Festival Kennedy Center

2010 International VSA Festival in WA DC

During opening reception for the 1989 VSA arts Festival

Japanese Emperor Akihito, Taiwan President Lee Teng Hui, George Bush Sr., and artists Jaime Wyeth and Andy Warhol have all made my acquaintance through my association with VSA.

Senator Ted Kennedy gave a speech at Princeton University in 1987 on the subject of arts education for the very young. My presentation for Start with the Arts, an initiative with VSA arts, consisted of a slide presentation and demonstration of my painting by portrait-painting the guests.