Denny Palmason

Puget Sound


Denny Palmason was born and raised in Ballard and still lives in the Crown Hill area. He attended Seattle Public Schools and graduated from the U. of W. with a B.A. in Italian Language and Literature. 
The former owner of the Acropolis Gallery in Ballard, he has also served as director of Artinteralia, the Art Club and the Meridian Gallery.
His poems have appeared in Northwest Arts, Fragments, The Art Exchange Catalogue and the Icelandic Club Newsletters.  Live readings and performances include appearances on KRAB radio, the Last Exit, Bumbershoot, the Central Tavern and with the Elements of Abstraction at the Arthead. 
His visual poems were exhibited at the Picaro Press/Studio 75 Gallery in 1983 and at the Arthead in 1988.  Recently, he has appeared on Poetry 28 and other shows on Public Access Television.
A tenor in the church choir, Mr. Palmason toured Iceland, British Columbia and Manitoba with Vesturbraedur, the Icelandic Male Chorus of Seattle and with his father and brothers as the Palmason Quartet.  (All Tenors!)

I splashed paint on a tightly stretched canvas
(neatly gessoed Belgian Linen)
Three shades of grey to blue
Vertically arranged
I called it “The Three Graces”
And was awarded a prize
And acknowledged as so deep and subtle
In my expression of passion
With the help of some masking tape
And a mathematical formula
I neatly painted rectangular blocks of red
Parallelograms of cadmium yellow
And triangles of ultramarine blue
I called it “Art Professor Contemplating Bust of Picasso”
And was praised for being so penetrating in my secrets
Of that magic called Art
I then took a photo of some movie star
(I can’t remember who)
And enlarged and transferred it to an 8’x12’ canvas
I called it “Photograph”
And was considered so right on far out
An innovator of the times
The paintings were bought by someone from out of town
Who had never seen them before
But had heard all about me
After many years
When my fame was diminished by all the new
And even cleverer artists of their times
The paintings were donated to a museum
As a tax write off
They were admired for a month and stored in the basement
And forgotten for a long long time
I was known for awhile as a member of some school
Then not at all
although the school is sometimes mentioned in heavy books
I forgot which school it was
By the anonymous master of
The Three Masterpieces