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Puget Sound Group By Brom Wikstrom, PSGNA Historian Website www.psgnwa.org

Although the Seattle Fine Arts Society was founded in 1908, the local art scene by the mid-20's was a polyglot of professional illustrators and graphic designers, school art instructors, amateur Sunday painters, and those fine artists who had managed to establish significant reputations. The exhibition opportunities were few. The Seattle Art Museum would not be formed until 1931 and the only other exhibition spaces of regional importance were the gallery that Charles and Emma Frye attached to their Profanity Hill Estate and the Little Gallery, Horace Henry’s Gallery built in 1927 for the University of Washington.

Eustace Ziegler was born in Detroit in 1881. He was one of four sons of an Episcopal minister. Though he would, like his brothers, eventually be ordained to that ministry as well, he was attracted to art from an early age. He studied at the Detroit Museum of Art before going to Alaska, and at Yale University for a year in 1920-21. In 1924, shortly after completing a series of murals that E. T. Stannard commissioned for the Alaska Steamship company offices in Seattle, the artist and his family left Cordova to move to that city.

In Seattle, Ziegler became a well-known, influential figure in the art community. He was a founder and first president of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters (PSGNP). He won numerous awards in Northwest art exhibitions and completed important commissions for institutions ranging from the Washington State Press Club, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and St. James Cathedral in Seattle. He was also close friends with Seattle Art Museum Founder Dr. Richard Fuller.

Dr. Fuller and Zieg had one strong dream in common. They both appreciated the commitment that other world-class cities had in the visual arts by forming professional artists clubs, notably the Salmagundi Club in NY and the Palette & Chisel Club in Chicago. Both of these groups and several Seattle institutions including the Washington Athletic Club and the Rainier Club were reserved exclusively for member camaraderie.

The early founders of the PSGNP devised a way for the group to remain completely self-supporting and eventually be in a position to award scholarships to deserving students and provide funds for selected competitions. Dr. Fuller was an early patron who would bring his male friends to an annual banquet that would begin modestly with a few gag paintings being auctioned off by the membership. Eventually, a donated piece of art would serve as a member’s annual dues and the friendly competition of whose work would command the highest price at auction guaranteed that a high standard would be maintained.

Burlesque theatre was a thriving business along Seattle’s First Avenue where many of the downtown advertising artists had their offices and studios. The early entertainment at the annual dinner/auction reflected the lowbrow humor but highly spirited fun that was evident around them and members formed the Chamberpot Players amongst themselves and mounted plays that were hysterical. The founding member’s respect of Zieg insured that these productions never crossed over into vulgarity and the set painting sessions were eagerly anticipated events where the members produced exceptional backdrops for the play. Invariably portions of the sets would be auctioned off at the conclusion of the festivities.

Many of the early patrons were members of gentlemen’s clubs and the PSGNP Stag Night grew in popularity. Larger venues were utilized to accommodate the art lovers, ad agency executives and various typesetters, lithographers and businessmen who employed many of the group’s members. Prominent collectors were introduced to the region’s visual arts through these annual get-togethers and local corporations began to acquire representative examples of member’s works to enhance boardrooms and executive offices throughout the region. Boeing, Weyerhauser and Craftsman’s Press were among the beneficiaries of the group’s talents and bidding at the auction would be keen for particularly accomplished member’s work.

The revenues from the auction would go to support the PSGNP’s active programs that included monthly dinner meetings, sketching trips to scenic areas of the Northwest and an annual group exhibition. Most importantly, funds would be set aside for the Scholarship Program that were among the earliest donations to the area’s art schools including Cornish and the Art Institute of Seattle. These unrestricted scholarships and awards were never discriminatory and were given purely on artistic merit.

A new category of membership was instituted. Life Memberships were awarded at a member’s 25th Anniversary and he no longer was obligated to submit a painting as dues. Most of those Lifers continued to donate however and the board determined to repay them with a commission that would at least cover the cost of framing and materials.

By 2000 the PSGNP had managed to save a substantial sum in order to establish a scholarship fund to honor past members. Future scholarships would be funded by the interest and this vehicle would allow for gifts to be received and members recognized. Rudy Bundas was an outstanding member throughout the 60s and 70s. As a teacher, illustrator and fine artist he won most of the region’s annual competitions and appreciated his elevated status within the group. He was a bachelor and left a large endowment to the PSGNP to further artistic scholarship.

The Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters changed its name to the Puget Sound Group Northwest Artists in 2013 to reflect the diversity of respective works in our region and professional northwest women artists included in its ranks. A commitment to artistic excellence is paramount to the group’s mission and a dedication to the arts community and public at large is continually expanding.

Brom Wikstrom
PSG Historian


[Underlined members are represented in permanent collection]

Kenneth Abbott
Perry Acker
Fredrick Adams
Jim Adkins
Fredrick Ahlblad
James Allan
John Amendola
Emilio Amero
Norm Amundsen
Richard Amundsen
Christopher Anderson
Guy Anderson
Elwood Averill
Richard Baker
Martin Banke
Laif Bannon
Donald Barber
Kay Barnes
Rocky Barrick
Harry Barton
Frank Baughman
Brian Beausoleil
Jerry Becker
Greg Beecham
Jim Belch (H)
Thomas Benenati
Gary Bennett
Ritchie Benson
Beth Betker
Frank Bigford
Mark Bistranin
Edgar Blake
Ned Block
Harry Bonath
David Borenstein
Lyman Bosserman
Mark Boyle
Wendell Brazeau
Glenn Brewer
Roger Broer
Winfield Brown
Damon Brown
Robert Bryant
Matt Buckner
Rudolph Bundas
Clifford Burkey
Edwin Burnley
Mike Burns
Bruce Butte
Sandy Byers
Bryan Cairns
Kenneth Callahan
Peter Camfferman
Irwin Caplan
Herb Carlson
Tracy Carrera
Mike Cassad
Truman Castle
Jess Cauthorn
Earl Chalk
Don Charles
Robert Chamberlain
Stanley Chraminski
David Checkley
Andrew Chinn
Calvin Chin
Fay Chong
Carl Christopherson
Robert Clancy
Pat Clayton
Colin Clegg
Aaron Coberly
Robert Coe
Jim Coffin
Sam Collett
Valerie Collymore
Norm Comp
James Connor
J. K . Connor
Mark Conely
Stanley Cookson
Paul Copeland
Willard Cox
Harold Craig
Donald Croly
William Cumming
Michael Cumeen
Earl Dack
Paul Daneker
Mick Davidson
David Day
Jim Dietz
Robert Delaney
Leon Derbyshire
John Detlie
Sam Dimico
Burt Dinius
Matt Dollahite
Walter Dorn
Jack Dorsey
Ken Dowd
Gerald Dowell
Mark Downey
Kim Drew
Earl Dudgeon
Ken Duffin
Carl Dummann
Alfred Dunn
Everett DuPen
Mike Duppenthaler
Robert Durham
Austin Dwyer
Fred Dybwad
Robert Eddy
John Ebner
Andy Eccelshall
Gordon Edberg
Jacob Elshin
Clark Elster
Merlin Enabnit
Charles Engledow
Don Enright
Eugene Erickson
Richard Ernesti
Robert Fansler
Robert Fassl
Charles Fawcett
Ray Felker
Jack Fellows
Robert Fetterly
Karen Fildes
James Finnell
Byron Fish
Edmond Fitzgerald
Maurice Fitzgerald
Robert Fiser
Phillip Flash
Mark Foley
John Ford
Edgar Forkner
Lanie Franza
Steven Fuller
Forest Fulton
Kevin Furiya
Robert Gabois
Frank Gaffney
Jim Gaver
John Geiser
Darlene Gentry
Ray Gerring
Scotty Gibbon (H)
Rick Gill
Ross Gill
Randy Giovenale
Kenneth Glenn
Boyer Gonzales
Dale Goss
Carl Gould
Gerald Grace
Janis Graves
Morris Graves
Spencer Green
Gary Griswold
Paul Gruwell
Mike Grygiel
Gary Gumble
Greg Hackworth
William Haddon
David Hagerbaumer
Don Haggerty
Owen Hall
Walker Hall

Taka Hama
George Hamilton
L. B. Hamshaw
John Hannukaine
Thomas Harmer
Jack Harrington
Marlowe Hartung
Patrick Haskett
Kenneth Hatch
Ross Hatte
Renwick Haughlin
Rocky Hawkins
Robert Hawley
Henry Hayes
Robert Healow
Larry Hebner
Richard Higlin
John Hilborn
Stephen Hill
Kenneth Hinch
John Hixon
Maurice Holcomb
Robert Holly
John Holmes
Ben Holt
Bill Hook
Michael Hoppe
Ernest Horswill
Bruce Hosman
James Houston
Lind Hoyt
Steven Hu
Jerry Huff
Louis Hughes
Sydney Humphrey
Roland Hurd
Robert Iglehart
Paul Immel
Ivan Ingman
Thomas Ingham
Joseph Ireland
Lue Isaac
Walter Isaacs
Robert Israel
Irena Jablonski
Norman Jackey
James Jackson
Robert Jackson
David Jayne
Arne Jensen
Tom Jensen
Erik Johanson
Albert Johnsen

C. N. Johnson
Clovis Johnson
Hal Johnson
Kenneth Johnson
Toby Johnson
Harold Johnson
Kenn Johnson
Marshal Johnson
Robert A. Jones
Thomas Jones
Vernon Jones
Pete Jordan
Charles Rube Juhlin
Misook Jung
Hyosoon Jung
Cary Jurriaans
David Kane
Aleksandr Kargopoltsev
Douglas Kiefer
Robert Keller
Niles Kelley
Robert Kelly
Frank Kendrickson
Robert Kerr
Joseph Kilpatrick
Keith Kinsman
Richard Kirsten
Nicholas Kirsten
William Klamm
Theodore Kley
Don Kotts
Doug Kyes
Heidi LaCourse
Edward Laigo
Val Laigo
Robert Lally
Jim Lamb
Scott Landry
Durwood Lapham
Gary LaTurner
Stuart Laughlin
Sydney Laurence
John Lee
Robert C. Lee
Frank Lenfest
Phillip Levine
Xiaohui Li
Manfred Lindenburger
David Lingenfelter
Donald Litchfield
Rongxu Long
Darlene Lucas
Ron Carter Lucas
Karen Luke-Fildes
David Lund
Charles W. Lussier
Mike Maher
Fred Marshall
Robert Matinjussi
Robert T. Matthiesen
Jim Matthew
Ching Ying May
Steve Mayo
Carl McBrayer
Joseph MacKecknie
Frank McCaffrey
Parker McAllister
Warren McCallister
Bill McLain
John MacDonald
Neil MacNeil
Daniel Madden
Sen. Warren Magnuson
David Martin (H)
Michael  McCarter
David McGranaghan
Darrell McNabb (H)
Al McNea
Gerald McShane
Walt Meldrich
Robert Mellor
Edward Merrill
Alden Metcalf
Clarence Miller
Kenneth Miller
Myron Miller
Don Millette
George Milliken
Irina Milton
Ray Mines
Harry O.Mitchell
John Moilanen
Felix Moiteret
Jacques Moitoret
Stuart Moldrem
James Moore
Malcolm Moran
Robert Morgan
Scott Morgan
Joe Morris
Herbert P. Muehlenbeck
Ned Mueller
Paul Mullally
Dave Murphey
James Murphy (H)
Douglas Murray
Clarence Murton
Alex Mushkin
Robert Naf
Allan Neilsen
William Nellor
Richard Nelms
Gary Nelson
Alan Newberg
Paul Newman
Gerald Newport
Barbara Benedetti Newton
David Nichols
Ross Nicoll
Arthur Niemeyer
Art Norby
Ernest Norling
Edward Nyren

Glen Oberg
Nicky Oberholzer
Kelly Oechsli
Shawn Ogle
Fred Oldfield
June Olson
Ralph Olsson
Neil Ordayne
Don Ostrem
Ted Pankowski
Eric Pardy
Theodore Parsons
Ransom Patrick
Ed Patelle
Ambrose Patterson
Cyrille Peabody
Mike Pearsall
James Peck
John Perfield
Marshall Perrow
Clifford A. Perry
Jerome Perry
Arthur Peterson
Darrell Peterson
Harold Peterson
Henry Petterson
William A. Phillips
Brian Picard
Earl Pinegar
Rusty Platz
John Podrebarac
Jon Pokela
Richard Prasch
Dudley Pratt
Walter Price
Lionel Pries
Gaspar Puccio
Willard Purves
Michael Reagan
Leon Reese
Walter Reese
William Reese
Jerry Requa
John Repetto
Darren Rice
Eric Richter
Wallace Riehl
Thomas Ries
Dan Riley
John Ringen
Herbert Robinson
Jim Rook
Joseph Root
Robert Root
Henry Ross
Bart Rulon
Jacques Rupp
Alan Rushing
Michelle Rushworth
Granderson Russell
William Ryan
Roland Ryder-Smith
Thomas Saffle
Douglas Sandland
William Salas
Jerry Sands
Grant Saylor
Paul Schmid
Garreth Schuh
Christina Scott
Gregg Scott
James Scott
Jon Segress
Richard Sewell
Christine Sharp
Glenn Sheckels
John Segesman
William Sheppley
Lolly Shera
John Shipman
Gary Shinn
V. P. Shkurkin
John Shreve
Sidney Shutt
Lyle Silver
Tenaya Sims
Mark Skullerud
Clint Sloan
James Smith
Richard L. Smith
Roy Smith
Jennifer Sonneborn
V. Sonnieson
Kelly Sooter
David Spangler
Graham Spencer
Jack Sproule
Robert Spurr
John Stables
Arnold Stahmer
A.J. Stahmer
Robert Stanton
Clarence Steele
James Stevenson
Henry Stinson
Donald Stewart
Jerry Stitt
Ronald Stocke
Harold Sutherland
Willard Charles “Gus” Swanberg
Jay SweetFredrick Takasumi
John Talliaferro
Henry Taylor
Erwin Teichman
Roy Terry
Fredrick Thomas
Michael Thoreson
Don Thoreson (H)
Mark Tobey
Robert Todd
Luke Tornatzky
Christina Townsend
Kathryn Townsend
Michael Trainor
Alexander Trimble
Katherine Troyer
Roy Tsuboi
George Tsutakawa
John Tubbs
Tony Turpin
Julius Ullman
Windsor Utley
John Utterstrom
Pieter Van Dalen
Richard Vrooman
Jack Vrooman
Dean Waite
David Waller
Jack Walters
James Wandesforde
Robert H. Wandesforde
Bernie Webber
Chuck Webster
Liang Wei
Raymond Weidlich
Jolyn Wells Moran
Thomas Wells
Val Welman
Robert Welsh
William Werrbach
John White
Leon White
Steve Whitney
Ren Wicks
Robin Weiss
Robert Wikstrom
Brom Wikstrom
William Wikstrom

Clark Willey
Glenn Wilson
Eric Winquist
Stedman Wood
James Wood
Patrick Woods
Robert Woodcock
William Wurster
Jia Chang Xu
May Chin Ying
Franz Zallinger
Rudolph Zallinger
Yuming Zhu
Eustace Ziegler
Fritz Zillig