Kenneth Callahan

Eternal Journey tempera 21x30

IMAGES OF SEATTLE 1925-1985 artists’ tea reception at
Jackson Street Gallery on Jan. 16, 1985

Curated by Matthew Kangas
Pictured (from front to back, left to right) are: (seated on floor) R. A. Featherston, John Moilanen, Willy Monigold, Michael Andrew Spafford; (seated on chairs) Judith Hahn, Brom Wikstrom, Henriette Woessner, Kenneth Callahan, Victor Steinbrueck, Laveme Krause; (first row standing) Randy Hayes, Karin Helmich, Joan Ross Bloedel, Carlyn Tucker, Elizabeth Sandvig, Gloria Bornstein; (second row standing) William Wikstrom, K. C. Maxwell, Gerard Albanese, Christopher Dahl, Christina Scott, David C. Kane, Paul Heald, Ken Leback; (back row standing) Louis Janson, Joe Reno. (Photograph Christian Staub).