Around the world I have placed pins that I designed. By reading the stories of my travels you will discover clues as to the whereabouts of these pins in italicized words. By locating these pins the discoverer is eligible for original works of art and signed publications.

Happy Hunting!

Seattle, WA - Embedded in the concrete ramp across from Magnolia Elementary School on 28th Avenue West.

New York City - Under a piece of concrete to the west of the arch Washington Square Park

Shanghai - In the base of the central fountain in the Yu Yuan Gardens

Xian - In the corner of a planter to the right of the entrance of the terra cotta warriors

Beijing - Under a large stone to the left of the entrance to the Forbidden City

Great Wall - Down a shaft at the entrance to the Juyongguan Section

Taipei - In the corner of a planter at the entrance of the Palace Museum of Art

Rome - Behind the holy water receptacle on the right as you enter St. Peter's Basilica

Rome - In a corner to the right of the entrance to the Pantheon

Rome - In a pocket of a brick just to the right of a landing at the Coloseum

Assisi - Just inside the vault of the tomb of St. Francis

Venice - Behind the bust of the Madonna at the foot of the Rialto Bridge

Florence - To the left of the wheelchair entrance to the Duomo

Machu Pichu - Under a small stone as you approach the entrance to the Temple of the Sun

London - In a crack above the floor as you near poet's corner in Westminster Abbey

Madrid - In a planter behind the sculpture of Goya at the Prado Museum

Grenada - Under the large doors at the Fountain of the 4 Lions Courtyard

Paris - Under a marker on the left of the 911 Memorial near the Eiffel Tower

Washington DC - Under some large stones at the Sacred Circle by the Museum of Native Art

New Orleans - Under the drainpipe of the apartment I lived in on Rampart & Esplanade

Dallas - Wedged in the bark of a tree on the grassy knoll

Hot Springs, ARK - In the corner of the plantings to the right of the chapel at Garvin Gardens

Ketchikan, AK - Stuck under the railing at the very end of Creek Street

Llowell, MA - In the corner of a small garden around the statue of J. A. M. Whistler

Honolulu, HI - Between lava bricks to the south of Duke Kahanamoku's statue on Waikiki

Maui, HI - Under gravel at the front door of friend Bonnie's condo at Kamaole Sands apts. Kehei #9 - 103

Vienna - In a crack at the base of the monument to Queen Maria Theresa at Kunsthistorisches Museum

Budapest - Under some electrical conduit on the Pest side of the enormous bridge support on Chain Bridge

Sarasota, FL - In a corner of a planting bed south of Ca D'Zan Mansion at the Ringling Museum

Costa Maya, Mexico - In the first planter on the left entering the tourist village

Yosemite National Park - Under the rock wall at the Glacier Point lookout

South Lake Tahoe - Pinned to the back of a railing at the very south end of the lake

San Francisco - Under the rock wall at the far side of the North end viewpoint at the Golden Gate Bridge

Mt. St. Helen's - Under a rock along the path leading up to a viewpoint above Johnston Ridge

Johnson, Vermont - On a pillar in the lounge at the Vermont Studio Center

Jerusalem - In between stones blocks to the left of the old city gate

Rio de Janeiro - Under concrete marbles at the Northwest corner of the main building on Sugarloaf Mountain

Helsinki, Finland - In a planter on the altar of the Rock Church

Copenhagen, Denmark - Stuck under a pew kneeler near the altar

Stockholm, Sweden - Under one end of the wooden bridge near the National Art Museum