Robert Wandesforde


watercolor 25 1/2x28 1/2

In addition to co-founding the SPGA, he was a Charter Member of the Seattle Art Directors Society (SADS), and was a Life Member of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters. Prior to his being a partner in Studio Art, he worked at the Wallace McKay Agency, and was Art Director at the Frederick E. Baker Agency. From 1960 to 1990 he maintained his own freelance business, except for a short stint at the Boeing Company.

Best known as a top illustrator, especially of black and white line art, his style was called 'California Realistic.' His major works included the series of ad illustrations that introduced Mazda cars into the United States market. He also teamed up in 1956 with his fellow SPGA Board Members Jess Cauthorn, Harry Bonath, and Gus Swanberg, to paint the cover art for all of the telephone directories in the State of Washington (each local community had its own unique phone book cover).

Bob Wandesforde worked hard for better conditions and more pay for artists, and initiated the bad client advisory list, that some of our more senior SPGA/Seattle Chapter Members may remember as "The Winner's List."