Andy Warhol

In 1979 I attended the First National Festival for The National Committee Arts for the Handicapped (Soon to become VSA arts). The three day celebration at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC featured dancers, musicians, poets and visual artists from across the country and attracked scores of guests.

I demonstrated my mouthpainting technique by painting portraits of festival goers and was engaged in a rather simplified one when I looked up to discover Andy Warhol peering over my shoulder. I had met him and Jamie Wyeth a short time before as they were about to do a brief art demonstration. Andy had an easel set up and drew an immaculate outline of a Campbell soup can. He then turned to the crowd, What flavor should it be? he asked.

Standing with Andy is Wendy Perks then director of VSA. In his hands he is holding a drawing that my brother William created of Andy during his demonstration and presented to him.

It has since been my extreme pleasure to attend many festivals with VSA including an amazing celebration in Brussels, Belgium in 1994. It was my first time in Europe and we made a three week tour beginning in Amsterdam. After Brussels to Paris and Lyon and then through Northern Italy, Germany, Switzerland and back to Amsterdam.